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Construction Cost Estimating


Our estimating services focus on our clients' need to identify the expected construction cost of their projects, while in the planning process.

We provide our service at any phase of the project. We can start at Concept, or come on board as late as the Construction Document phase of your project.


Construction Cost Estimates are prepared on proprietary Riddle & Goodnight spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel software. All estimates are arranged in CSI 2004 Master Format. 


The process of developing expected construction costs follows the customary industry method of defining quantities of material for the project, and assigning monetary values to those quantities. Summations include General Contractor and Sub-contractor costs for General Conditions, Insurance and Taxes, Overhead and Profit. 


Cost estimating resources are maintained quarterly to ensure estimates are reflective of changes in pricing, escalation and geographic location. 


Architectural Construction Specifications


Architectural Construction Specifications are prepared using CSI industry standard formats.


Mr. Riddle and Mr. Goodnight are both Certified Construction Specifiers under the programs administered by the Construction Specification Institute.


We write all required sections for Divisions 0 - 14. Divisions beyond 14 are typically written by the individual engineering disciplines on the team.


Our experience is very broad in specification preparation, covering a large and diverse list of building types.

Value Engineering




Riddle & Goodnight can provide analysis and advice where projects have fallen out of the expected budget. 


Unfortunately, we see this too often when cost estimating services are not utilized early in the project. Using similar strategies to the ones we use for original costing, we can assess where savings can be found without destroying the intent of the architectural design. 


If you have found yourself in this tough, yet very common situation, give us a call and let's talk about how we can help with the value engineering strategies.



"Riddle and Goodnight is an outstanding professional estimating and specifications firm. 

Their work is consistently complete, accurate, and timely.  I recommend their services to owners, builders, and the architectural engineering community without hesitation."


Monty McNair  PE  AIA   

Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems

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