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We have had the pleasure of working with Rick Riddle of Riddle & Goodnight for construction cost estimating services for over 15 years. Rick is a very talented and practical cost estimator. He is also proficient in evaluating project construction schedules and their impact on project budgets.  Because he is a registered architect, he has a great perspective on how to develop accurate conceptual cost estimates with sufficient detail even when we have only begun design. As architectural drawings and specifications are developed he has always done a thorough job of updating his original estimates from schematic design to final construction documents. When project budgets have been challenged by inflationary cycles or when a particular product cost increases drastically, he has been a great resource to help us better understand the cost impact and offer suggestions for reducing the project cost. All in all, we will continue to consult with Riddle & Goodnight and would highly recommend them to new clients. 

Michael Hoffer, Principal

Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford Architects

I have worked with Riddle & Goodnight for almost a decade. I employ their services for all of my specification requirements because of their attention to detail, extensive knowledge of the field and timely delivery of all products. I highly recommend their services to all consultants and designers in the construction industry.


Sean Studzinski, Principal

KSQ Architects

We have used Riddle and Goodnight for professional estimating on numerous projects and have never been disappointed. Their understanding of the bidding climate, current material costs and architectural design trends gives us and our clients the confidence to move forward without any surprises. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to architects, designers, general contractors or owners, whether in the private or public building sectors.


Woodrow Woods, Project Manager

VAI Architects Inc.

I would definitely recommend Riddle & Goodnight. I have worked with Rick and Mark on a number of building projects in Texas. They are accurate and detail-oriented, and their experience in the design and construction industries has been instrumental in keeping our projects on budget during the design process.



John Strasius, Senior Project Manager

Perkins + Will Architects

Riddle-Goodnight is always our go-to estimating firm. They always are on time with up-to date information and go out of their way to accommodate our fast schedules. This is one of the best consultants we have worked with on schools, churches, and large commercial projects.




Frank Meier, Principal

Frank L. Meier Architects

Javier Lucio, Principal

RPGA Design Group - Architects Inc.

From our initial project with Riddle & Goodnight they have provided accurate, consistent and professional cost estimating services.  Their services have become an integral part of our design services allowing us to provide our clients with accurate construction cost estimating that allows them to understand the cost implications of decisions made during the design of the project.  We are confident in the construction cost estimating provided by Riddle and Goodnight and we look forward to our continued success in utilizing their services.





What I like about the services we receive from Riddle and Goodnight is their knowledge of building technologies.  This really helps me in the schematic phases when they are working with limited project information.  Mr. Riddle's background as an architect allows me to discuss the project at unprecedented levels when compared to other cost estimating firms.





Gary Vandergriff, Principal

Vandergriff Group Architects

Riddle and Goodnight is an outstanding professional estimating and specifications firm. Their work is consistently complete, accurate, and timely. I recommend their services to owners, builders, and the architectural engineering community without hesitation.


Monty McNair PE AIA

Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems

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