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  Riddle & Goodnight Inc.

 Construction Cost Estimates / Construction Specifications





Riddle & Goodnight has been providing Construction Cost Estimates and Construction Specifications to the architectural, engineering, educational and business community since 1996. 




We have over 23 years of continuous industry service, and our project list is diverse and lengthy. In fact, much too long to show you everything. Take a look in our PROJECTS area for representative projects that illustrate our recent experience.


Our goal at Riddle & Goodnight is to provide professional consulting services to Architects, Engineers, Business, Religious and Educational leaders.

Our experience in construction cost estimating and construction specifications is extensive and broad based.

Check out our PROJECTS and CLIENT areas for additional information.



We have worked with a variety of clients, including architectural firms, engineering firms, universities, public school systems, religious organizations and corporate entities. Quality service to the client, no matter their size or specific need, is our constant goal.


"Riddle and Goodnight --- has made architectural estimating for major projects easy again. Their expertise and professional approach with their tools allow our architectural firm to stay focused on what we do best.  They do estimating well and help us stay on budget !!! "


Jack W. Seefeldt – President 

jsa architects 

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